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Thank you for attending our annual Smart Cities Summit.

Cities across Canada and the U.S. face similar issues and looking for smart solutions to provide enhanced services to residents and create a competitive advantage.

The Federal Smart Cities Challenge produced an opportunity to share insights and collaborate.

Through its 3rd Annual Smart Cities Summit on October 11, 2018, the Board acted as a global hub to connect international experts, local and national business influencers and city builders for a day of dialogue, networking and idea-sharing based around Canadian cities’ experiences in the Federal Smart Cities Challenge.

Speakers and attendees shared key insights from competing Canadian cities. The Board brought international experts to share best practices from globally-recognized smart cities, as well as explored the latest plans for Sidewalk Toronto.

The summit was an opportunity for participants to support the Board’s mission to be connectors for─and with─the business community as well as our summit objective of turning ideas into action by showcasing Canada’s smart cities ecosystem from coast to coast.